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6. marca, 2021


Prelepa Gorenjska, ponos si mi ti, kdorkoli te vidi – te znova želi …

Hidden corners of Upper Carniola – Rovnik educational trail and Šum waterfall

If you are visiting Kranj, the so-called capital of Upper Carniola (Gorenjska Region), or you find yourself anywhere close, make sure you take this following trip …

You can visit the Rovnik educational trail and the Šum waterfall on one trip or separately. You can include it as a stop on any trip in the vicinity of Kranj. We recommend the Rovnik educational trail to all those who love hiking trails through the forest; it will reward your ascent with a beautiful view. The trail leads through the forest most of the time and is also suitable for a summer trip. The fact that one can meet more deer than other hikers on a trip to Rovnik proves that these are the really less-visited corners of Upper Carniola.

The learning path, which leads over the Rovnik hill, leads over so-called Besnica karst, as there are many karst phenomena in this area. The educational trail, which winds along cart tracks and forest paths, ends with a mighty view of the Šum waterfall. Seize the opportunity and learn a lot along with the way – new knowledge is always followed by new opportunities to demonstrate that knowledge.

The circular learning path begins at the end of the settlement of Nova vas in Besnica. You can leave your vehicle there and check on the route in advance on the information board. Directional signs are placed along the entire learning path.

From the parking lot, you need to climb up the cart track into the forest. Although the path goes uphill, it is pleasantly broken by intermediate flat parts and informational boards representing individual types of trees. Follow the marked path and info-boards through the pleasantly cold forest.

Soon you’ll see the board no. 8, a veduta – right there you take a rest and enjoy the beautiful view. After all, it’s good that the view forces us to take a little (involuntary) rest – as a bit steeper slope towards the top of Rovnik follows. There is a bell is waiting for you and it will provide happiness if you ring it.

Next, you can return to the veduta and turn right onto the cart track, which you can follow without any worries, although it soon turns into a forest path.

Source: CLICK

During the walk you can enjoy the beauties of the karst world: you will be accompanied by sinkholes, grooves, Bidovčeva luknja (it is inhabited by a beetle that does not live anywhere else in the world), fossil deposits and Podskokarjeva jama (protected as a cave of national importance).

Paths have the magical power of connecting, uniting, directing all participants to the same goal. They always offer us a new, different impetus, they record our footsteps and our progress. Therefore, we suggest that you embark this journey in pleasant company. Walking this path together might develop a good team spirit. 

Šum waterfall; Source: CLICK

Thus, the circular learning path also ends at the starting point. But let’s not forget to cool off at the marvelous side of Šum waterfall, one of the largest sliding waterfalls in Upper Carniola and also in Slovenia. To reach it, you need to continue towards the village, where at the first crossroads you turn sharply left and descend steeply along the road past the houses all the way to the beginning of the forest. Right there, signposts direct you to the left to a forest path. After a well-guarded steep descent, the path – leading past many viewpoints, where you can get a good view of the waterfall – leads you to the bottom. There is a renovated viewing platform offering another good look at the Šum waterfall. For those who are among the bravest – they can refresh themselves in its cold water.

Cover photo source: CLICK

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